Handrails and guardrails are often overlooked when designing a unique environment. Zahner can provide unique options for guardrail systems which will set a space apart.

When every other aspect of a designed environment is carefully developed, a basic-looking guardrail will derail the desired aesthetic. A custom handrail design can set the space apart. Working with both small and large budgets, designers can work with Zahner to develop custom details which will set spaces apart. 

Zahner engineers and fabricators are dedicated to developing custom systems to meet the designed intent. Define your architectural environment with a custom handrail system.

Custom railing
Custom railing for Douglas Street Bridge
Aluminum rail
Rail and sculpture for Douglas Street Bridge
Custom stair railing
Custom rail and staircase.
Custom balcony railing
Interior balcony rail system.
Custom handrail bronze
Smithsonian handrail made in copper cable and copper-alloy round stock.
Custom guardrail
Custom guardrail and sheet metal baluster stair system for Baron BMW.


Zahner provides handrail and guardrail systems for a number of applications. This includes railings developed for pedestrian bridges, vehicular bridges, decorative bridges and more.  These railing system benefits from Zahner's dedication to the design intent, museum-quality edges, and a dedication safety codes and regulations. 

Developing a custom guardrail system starts with your concept. Zahner can provide a number of design options as well as full service design assist, engineering, manufacturing and installation services. To learn more about how Zahner can assist with your design, contact a member of the Zahner sales team and get started.

Featured Guardrail Projects