Contemporary roof design and manufacturing is a place of continuous innovation and exploration. Zahner has played a role in this architectural feature since the company's founding in 1897. Over the years, Zahner has been involved in thousands of roofing projects, from historic standing roof systems to flat seam, bold batten roofs, and even glass roof systems. 

Today the company continues in that tradition. In the late twentieth century, the company began developing proprietary roof systems. This includes the Inverted Seam roof, which was designed for both its clean aesthetics as well as its powerful internal guttering system. This system can be used to channel and control water on near-level roofs. 

In 2016, the company developed a completely new system which was used on the slow-curving roof of Grace Farms in Connecticutt. Randy Stratman, Director of Engineering, discussed how this was developed. This is the kind of continuous innovation and development that represent the engineer and fabricators at Zahner.

Grace farms roof
Grace Farms custom roof system.
Weatherhead flatseam roof
Weatherhead custom recessed flatseam roof.
Custom dome roof
Custom zinc dome roof on the plaza.
Custom roof nature center
Lakeside Nature Center in Kansas City.
Custom copper roof
Copper roof on Starlight Theatre.
Kc zoo roof
Cooper roof on the Kansas City Zoo.
Spiral roof design
Custom spiral roof design for Independence Temple.
Glass and metal roof
Custom glass and stainless steel roof and structure for Miami Intermodal Center.
Custom antique roof
Custom historic roof system for 65 E. Goethe in Chicago.

Designers come to Zahner to develop advanced designs which explore new paths and methodologies in architecture. Developing a custom roof system starts with your design concept, and ends with a high-quality fully-built system. Zahner can provide a number of design options as well as full service design assist, engineering, manufacturing and installation services. Contact the Zahner sales team to start your design and create something new.

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