AECOM Corporate Office at Penton Media Building

AECOM Buildings and Places division was responsible for developing the new offices at the Penton Media Building in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. The design team used Zahner ImageWall to develop a bold interior panel system for its foyer. 

The design team used the Zahner-patented ImageWall to design the custom perforated interior wall. The seam selected Dirty Penny, a copper alloy with custom patina. The material has an iridescent appearance. This is an interference effect resulting from the mineralized patina on its surface. The system is further punctuated by a series of custom emboss/deboss punches pressed into the surface of the copper panels.

Aecom reception dirty penny c aecom 3262
AECOM Reception area at the Cleveland office
Aecom dirty penny 9806
Detail of the embossed Dirty Penny surface used for the Cleveland office.
Aecom reception dirty penny c aecom 3269
Detail of the AECOM Reception area interior metal panels
Aecom reception dirty penny c aecom 3260
AECOM Cleveland office reception area