Sports City Stadium in Basra, Iraq

Designed by 360 Architecture (now HOK), the new Basrah Sport City Center is part of a larger complex that aims to boost the city as a sporting center in Arabia.

Zahner was brought in by the architects to create the perforated weathering steel vertical panels, surfaced in Solanum Steel, a Zahner product designed for architectural projects requiring a stable finish and patina with minimal staining of adjacent surfaces.

Time-lapse of the mockup being installed for the client visit at the Zahner Headquarters. The mockup was produced to test the subtle curvature of the panels, and to test the durability and stability of the pre-weathered steel surface.

Timelapse of the Basra Stadium Mockup in Kansas City.
Zahner dallas shop basra
Basra mockup
Basrah detail
Basrah foraten 2
Basrah solanum steel
Basrah stadium construction
Basrah stadium