Silver Towers Courtyard Trellis in New York

Silver Towers is a development in New York City which features Zahner manufactured perforated metal and glass systems. The courtyard, plinth and rooftop terrace includes design by James Carpenter Design Associates, an architectural artist team known for the use of light in architecture and art.  

Between the two high-rise towers is a six floor plinth, the interior courtyard of which features a 75 foot light wall. Various metal and glass light fixtures which feature the artist's pattern. 

Zahner was hired by the architect to design, engineer, and fabricate these metal and glass systems. Each of the fixtures features a perforated metal floral pattern designed by the architect, contained within a glass and stainless steel lightbox.

Also known as River Place II, the project features two 57 floor twin towers and is located in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan Island. The project was developed by Larry Silverstein and completed in 2009.

Silver towers
Silver Towers Courtyard at dusk.
Courtyard upward
Silver Towers bridge floors at dusk.
Silver tower courtyard
Silver Towers light fixtures and metalwork.
James carpenter perf
Silver Towers entrance at night.
Silver towers mockup shop
Silver Towers Mockup at the Zahner shop.
Silver towers perforated metal system
Silver Towers Mockup with lighting system
Silver towers copyright vince munoz
Silver Towers in New York City

Above is a photograph of the towers during the day. Zahner produced some metalwork at the building's top, similar in pattern and effect to those in the building's courtyard. This rooftop courtyard has not yet been photographed.

Silver Towers is the first project that Zahner has provided metalwork for James Carpenter Design Associates. Recently, Zahner also completed a spiraling 120 foot tower in Nebraska for the architectural firm.