Tower at University of Nebraska Medical Center

The Tower at UNMC is a James Carpenter Design Associates project. The project's design team was led by Richard Kress. The campus art feature stands at 120 feet.  A private donation led by Ruth and Bill Scott brought this iconic campus feature to the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

The tower serves provides a beacon for students, serving as both a navigational tool and an artistic centerpiece. Zahner provided the ti-coated stainless steel panels, perforated and prepped for installation onto the architect's engineered frame. These panels were engineered and produced at Zahner at the Kansas City plant.

The design features hundreds of triangular perforated 16ga titanium-coated stainless steel panels which attach to an open structure. The perforations effectively create a visually lightweight aesthetic.

The tower was designed to reflect the beautiful effects that occur in the Nebraska sky. It combines stainless steel and natural light to embody UNMC’s scientific character and the transient qualities of Nebraska’s skies. If it’s a bright sunny day, it will appear to shimmer. At dusk, it will reflect the variety of colors that are in the sky. 

Unmc tower james carpenter
Photo courtesy James Carpenter Design Associates.
Vertical unmc tower
Photo courtesy James Carpenter Design Associates.
Unmc tower hires
Detail of the steel structure and perforated ti-coated stainless steel.
Unmc tower construction
Photo courtesy James Carpenter Design Associates.
Dscf0538 3 2
Photo © Richard Kress, JCDAINC.

The project was built in the course of a year, and completed in 2010. This is the second project that Zahner has completed for the architects and artists at James Carpenter Design Associates, the first being the Silver Towers Courtyard in New York City. The designers at James Carpenter provide a unique outlook on the play of light on surfaces, an effect which is best perceived in person.