St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center

St. Lawrence Catholic Campus is a church and campus serving students and the greater community of Lawrence, Kansas. Zahner provided the brass inlay for the stained glass, as well as the brass baptismal altar. Working with SFS Architecture and Kathy Barnard glass studio, the team developed a timeless worship and fellowship facility for a college town Catholic community campus.

The design team worked with Kathy Barnard to create a stained glass feature. Zahner was brought into the project to create the custom brass bar elements which curve throughout the stained glass windows. Zahner also fabricated the Baptismal Altar which was designed by Mike Shaughnessy of SFS Architecture. 

St. Lawrence Catholic Center worked with SFS Architecture and the University of Kansas to establish design criteria and goals. This included the need to perceptually minimize the building’s scale to integrate with its surroundings. The building's exterior appearance looks like a typical post-war low-rise residence, blending naturally into the neighborhood.

Unknown batismal altar
St. Lawrence baptismal altar, font, and custom candle altars
Unknown batismal altar2
Detail of the inlaid brass used on the stained glass, custom brass altar and candle holders
Baptismal altar sfs architecture
Details of the custom brass baptismal altar and candle holders
St lawrence
Architectural interior designed by SFS Architecture