Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas

Designed by YWS Architects of Las Vegas, Nevada, Zahner provided the engineering and fabrication of two large winged stainless steel elements at the northeast side entry of the casino. These 'wings' are constructed of steel tubing and aluminum ZEPPS Components, and were clad with an aluminum sheet sub-surface and then finished with stainless steel skins.

Each of the wings were finished with a different alloy of stainless steel, to create a color distinction between the two. The east wing was finished using a brushed stainless steel surface. The west wing with PVD coated stainless steel panels for a copper hue.

The PVD Coated Stainless is a high-performance surface that can be used to acheive gold, copper, bronze, and brass tones in stainless steel.  This is a surface which is less common now that Zahner has introduced Ti-Stainless steel to the architectural community, with its greater range of hues at similar expense.

Treasure island copyright zahner 3445
Treasure island
View of Treasure Island in Las Vegas.

Building the Treasure Island Winged Entrance

The project was an early use of the ZEPPS Process for building complex curvilinear forms. Each of the forms was defined digitally and manufactured at Zahner in Kansas City. The forms were each clad using flat-seam panels.

Treasure island pre fab
ZEPPS™ Panel understructure for Treasure Island wings.
Treasure island pipe structure
View of Treasure Island's pipe understructure.
Treasure island delivered
The Treasure Island panels arrive at the job site in Las Vegas.
Treasure island fabrication
View of Treasure Island after Aluminum sub-surface has been secured.
Treasure island delivery
The panels are packed onto delivery trucks to ship to Las Vegas.
Treasure island cad
Treasure Island in CAD, showing the square pipe understructure.
Treasure island zepps crane
A single ZEPPS™ Panel is lifted.
Treasure island installation
The ZEPPS™ Panels are installed on the Treasure Island entrance.
Treasure island complete
View of Treasure Island after substantial completion.
Treasure island copyright zahner 3355
Treasure island copyright zahner 3412

Each wing is approximately 32' tall. The units were constructed in Kansas City and transported to Las Vegas for erection. Zahner has produced multiple structures and surfaces in Las Vegas.