Zahner has a rich history of assisting designers to develop unique canopy and awning designs with custom fabrication. Zahner can provide custom canopy fabrication and design-engineering for the entire system, including structure, footing, and skin. From standard entrance awnings to free-standing metal canopies, Zahner engineers and fabricators will work to develop your design with quality craft and attention to detail. 

Chicago canopy
Canopy at Millenium Park in Chicago.
Sun valley canopy
Sun Valley copper canopy.
Canopy detail
Custom artwork and canopy, Noisette.
Lattice canopy
Louvered canopy, Winspear Opera House.
Pergola canopy
Custom perforated lattice, Patio Jacarandas.
Petersen canopy
Custom ZEPPS canopy system for Petersen Museum.
Grace canopy
Grace Farms custom aluminum canopy system.
Red canopy
Red painted canopy for Michigan Avenue Plaza, Chicago.
Custom canopy
Custom bandshell canopy for Chrysalis at Merriweather Park.

Developing a custom canopy starts with your idea. Zahner will assist in the development, design, engineering, and manufacturing of you design concept. Get in touch with a engineering and sales representative to see how Zahner can assist in your design.

Featured Canopy Projects