North Charleston Point Pavilion in North Charleston

The Point Pavilion at Riverfront Park in North Charleston, South Carolina is a fast-track work of public art designed by the architects at BNIM. Zahner design-engineered as well as fabricated and installed the entire system. This scope included the metal screens and hanging apparatus as well as the structural steel members which frame the artwork's shape.

The client's team used the Design Assist build method, meaning that Zahner played a collaborative role in the design's development to reduce costs and improve the design's efficiency and ease of construction. To facilitate structural analysis and fabrication constraints, Zahner developed a Building Information Model (BIM) which served as the entire project team's BIM function for the duration of the project.

The main structure is made of 12” diameter galvanized steel pipe, rolled to a constant radius and cut to exact compound angles. The 3D model was utilized to produce templates of each cut. The welded frames were hot dipped galvanized post fabrication.

7/8” galvanized wire rope was strung between each frame to serve as a support for the perforated aluminum shading panels. The 3/16” aluminum panels were punched to a custom pattern as defined by the architect using custom perforation to reflect woven baskets that are indigenous to the region.

From initial concept to completed erection, the process took a total of six months. The entire process was streamlined to provide the maximum value to the client and to meet the project budget and schedule.

Noisette park pavilion
Detail of the Noisette metal panel system in North Charleston, SC.
Noisette pavilion performance
Live performance at the Noisette Pavilion after completion.
Noisette during construction
Noisette during construction
Noisette cad
Noisette CAD rendering.
Noisette engineering test1
Zahner's Tony Birchler and Wallace Engineering's Steve Huey test the structural load of the individual perforated panel mockup.
Shop fabrication weld inspection
Weld inspection of the steel structure at Zahner headquarters in Kansas City.
Noisette park pavilion sheet install detail
Detail of the perforated aluminum plates on Noisette.
Noisette perforation shadows
View of the shadows created by perforations from the aluminum panels overhead.
Noisette pavilion structure
Structure of Noisette Pavilion, also designed-engineered and fabricated by Zahner.
Noisette pavilion
Construction of Noisette as it nears completion.
Noisette sky
View of the sky through Noisette's perforated aluminum panels.
Noisette sunset pavilion
Sunset at the Noisette Pavilion.

Awards and Recognition

  • 2005 — IPA Award for outstanding perforated metal
  • 2006 — Illuminating Engineering Society of North America - International Illuminations Design Awards, Capital Section Award
  • 2005 — AIA Young Architect’s Forum - Monsters of Design, Merit Award