Flat Seam Flexible Metal Facade Systems by Zahner


Flat Seam systems by Zahner offer a uniquely flexible metal facade system, compatible with many common metals and finishes, including most Zahner Surfaces.

Flat Seam panel systems developed by Zahner provide designers with a customizable facade system that can be formed to almost any surface geometry. Various aesthetics are achievable with this system, as it allows for a combination of varying panel sizes, shapes, and joint layouts that all have similar fabrication and installation techniques.

Standard Flat Seam systems are composed of the interlocking panels themselves and stainless steel clips that secure the system back to the substrate. These overlocking hems allow some tolerance in the system layout, so any field modifications that are needed are more flexible and efficient.

Benefits of Flat Seam Systems

Zahner’s extended design variations, including standard, offset, and extended lap, allow for application on not only planar geometry, but also curved and dual-curved geometry. These various connection details and fabrication options can be used to provide a flatter surface and/or more waterproofing.

Other benefits of using Flat Seam include:

  • System utilizes thinner metal for cost efficiency
  • Fabrication process minimizes material waste
  • Panels form to geometry during installation rather than pre-rolling
  • Panel sizes, shapes, and connection joints are fully customizable
  • System allows for tolerance so installation is flexible and efficient

Zahner will work with your design team to develop a metal panel system that meets the highest standards of quality and precision. To learn more about developing your custom facade concept, contact the Zahner sales team and get started.