A CUSTOM FACADE for the University of Wyoming 

In 1993, architect Antoine Predock completed the University of Wyoming American Heritage Center and Art Museum to house the university’s manuscript and rare book collections and archive.

Predock enlisted Zahner to assist in creating a rainscreen façade system with a custom copper patina. Zahner utilized similar processes as those innovated within the aerospace industry. Planar, flatseam panels were attached to the building façade in much the same way that panels on a commercial aircraft are seamlessly stitched together. 

Custom Pre-weathered Patina

Working in tandem with the architect, Zahner developed a custom copper surface to reflect the building’s earthy, rugged surroundings. Coined “Dirty Penny” the resulting dark brown patina will continue to darken over time and will not easily scratch or rub off.

Predock describes it as a 'mountain, detailed like an airplane wing and aerodynamically positioned with respect to Wyoming's omnipresent winds.' 

American heritage center laramie predock
Night photograph of the the American Heritage Center at Laramie, Wyoming.
American heritage overall
American Heritage Center in Laramie, Wyoming.
American heritage center zahner
American Heritage Center in Laramie, Wyoming.
American heritage copper panel
Installation of the American Heritage Center in Laramie, Wyoming.