John Baldessari's Fun One, for Miami Design District

Part of a sweeping development of the Miami Design District envisioned by Craig Robins of Dacra, the City View Garage features three unique visions on its facade, each design-engineered and manufactured by Zahner.

Between Leong Leong's shimmering titanium-coated stainless steel facade, and IwamotoScott's undulating generative aluminum facade, lies a permanent John Baldessari art installation-as-facade. In certain light, this massive canvas of stainless steel reveals a vivid rendering, created by circular perforations.

Baldessari's vision was created using ImageWall, a Zahner patented process, which translated the artist's imagery into a perforated panel system. The patented process was first developed by Zahner engineers for the de Young Museum as a means of visualizing imagery within the facade of a building. The automated system creates machine files for manufacturing functional, decorative metal sheets with patterned openings.

Upward view baldessari facade
Facade for Miami Design District City View Garage.

Imagery Decision

Baldessari’s original image portrays three figures enjoying games around a swimming pool and is part of the 'Post-Studio' conceptual art movement. Baldessari selected the image from his extensive collection of found production stills. Like much of the artist’s work, Fun One features a second element—Fun Two, located around the corner of the building, depicts a similar image of a woman balancing on a beach ball.

John baldessari beach facade miami
Facade for Miami Design District City View Garage.
Unique parking structure miami city view garage
Miami Design District City View Garage, featuring Baldessari's artwork between the Leong Leong Facade and the IwamotoScott facade.
Leong leong full scale mockup
The design team views the mockup for Miami City View Garage for the first time.
John baldessari fun part one detail
Facade for Miami Design District City View Garage.
Fun part one john baldessari
Facade for Miami Design District City View Garage.
Miami baldessari facade zahner
Facade, photographed in differing lights.