IwamotoScott City View Garage Facade for Miami Design District 

A geometric display of varying blue-toned aluminum skins adorns the Southeastern facade of the City View Garage in the Miami Design District. Designed by IwamotoScott Architecture, the Zahner-manufactured facade was developed in Kansas City and shipped as nesting parts to the job site in Miami, Florida. Zahner field installers hung the panels.

Sited along the Southern edge of the Miami Design District adjacent to I-195, the parking structure is part of a larger plan to bring arts, luxury, and culture into the new district. The main body of the building is a parking structure above a level of retail storefront and includes a small six story office block.

The building's design averted the need for industrial ventilation of the parking area. IwamotoScott met this challenge with a modular decorative metal screen, whose mechanically-folded aluminum system features variously sized apertures to provide the required porosity for natural ventilation.

Musuem garage rendering Musuem garage rendering.jpg?blend=%2fscreens%2fscreen 3840x1920
Related Project

Museum Garage

The Museum Garage is a seven-story mixed-use structure with ground-floor retail and the capacity for 800 vehicles. Developed by Dacra and curated by architect Terence Riley of K/R, the project features five dramatically different facades, each manufactured with Zahner engineering and fabrication.The design architects for the project include WORKac, J.MAYER.H, Clavel Arquitectos, Nicolas Buffe and K/R (Keenen/Riley). The building will also feature a mural by Sagmeister & Walsh along the West elevation.New York–based WORKac incorporated what appears to be an enormous cut-out “ant farm” or a stylized “Rorschach Test” facade into the design for its program that includes a library, playground, and a pop-up art space.From Berlin, J. Mayer H. introduced XOX, featuring an embedded lighting system. While sounding like a Miami club it is anything but and will probably be the only car part with tessellating corner components painted with car stripes in the area.Serious Play comes from Paris and Tokyo-based Nicolas Buffe. Taking inspiration from retro video games, cartoons fill the facade in juxtaposition with baroque decoration detailing.Clavel Arquitectos, based in Murcia and Miami, drew on the vicinity’s urban growth with the facade being named Urban Jam. Subsequently the design will feature 45 reused cars, all of which have been painted silver and gold.Keenan Riley (K/R) "Barricades is located on the west end of the north elevation.Also from New York are Sagmeister & Walsh. But I Only Want You is a mural with burning candles at each ends implying that, despite being at at extremes, love can find a way.J.MAYER.H’s design concept starts from two approaches. The idea of adjacencies and mediation translates the voids or negative spaces by WORKac on the left into positive volumetric echoes. The red and white striped traffic pattern of K/R Architects from the other far end of the garage façade finds referential graphics on J.MAYER.H’s design. While the idea of puzzling and interlocking is shown in the relationship designed on the left side with WORKac, the right edge of the façade segment is cut off with a straight vertical line analogue to all the other segments of the overall façade. The façade will be built in steel and aluminum, and painted in different colors. It contains embedded lighting that glows at night. 
Infrastructures and car spaces are rarely seen as architectural projects. In the context of the Design District, the “Museum Garage” becomes an urban component including commercial space on street level. Cars and the speed with which they move through the city cause the urban dimensions for pedestrians to overlap with the perception of urban dimensionality. The façades of large building volumes in such an urban context demand variety and differentiation. The concept of various architects working on different segments of one building envelope is an exciting innovative design strategy to explore collaboration, adjacencies and cross-referencing.

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City View Garage with IwamotoScott facade.

IwamotoScott was commissioned alongside New York-based architects Leong Leong and Southern California-based artist John Baldessari, by Dacra and L Real Estate to create three unique facades for the City View Garage in Miami's Design District. The IwamotoScott portion of the facade wraps around the parking structure's Southeast corner and includes an elevator lobby, exterior stair, and the office block.

Prefab aluminum facade
Detail of the IwamotoScott Facade for the Miami Design District City View Garage.
Interior aluminum facade
Interior and roof view of the IwamotoScott Facade for the Miami Design District City View Garage.
Unique parking structure miami city view garage
IwamotoScott Facade for the Miami Design District City View Garage.
Prefabricated aluminum facade miami
Photograph of the IwamotoScott Facade during construction, Miami Design District City View Garage.

Developing the IwamotoScott facade for City View Garage

There are five different repeating modules, which are custom-fabricated by Zahner using 40 panel types. Zahner developed the modular design using powercopies to programmatically control the design's various parts in both the operational engineering, plant, and hanging in the field.

The aluminum parts were painted using a gradient coloring scheme, which provides a subtle gradation of its five unique aperture sizes, suspended from fins which cantilever from the edges of the garage's concrete slabs.

Iwamoto scott facade
Digital model of the IwamotoScott facade, color-coded to indicate its five repeating panel types.
Facade architecture iwamoto scott
Diagrams for the IwamotoScott Facade for the Miami Design District City View Garage.
Facade architecture
40 types of custom panel generative architecture
Diagram of the 40 panel types used to create the IwamotoScott Facade at Miami Design District.
Facade architecture design
Nested parts
Nested parts for the IwamotoScott facade in the Zahner Kansas City facility.
Crating the miami components iwamoto
Zahner fabricator crates the aluminum parts for the IwamotoScott Facade.
Miami detail
Miami florida
Detail of the IwamotoScott Facade for the Miami Design District City View Garage.
Blue miami facade
Eastern view of the IwamotoScott Facade for the Miami Design District City View Garage.
Faceted blue miami garage
Upward view of the IwamotoScott Facade for the Miami Design District City View Garage.