BOK Center

BOK Center in Oklahoma

The new facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a nearly 20,000 seat multi-purpose arena for sports, concerts, and massive events. The project involved Zahner's production and installation of several thousand Angel Hair™ Stainless steel panels, each installed on a ZEPPS™ framework, the building block for complex architectural curves and highly efficient and accurate installations in architecture. The project called for 350,000 square feet of exterior metal panels.

Designed by the renowned Cesar Pelli , the project was managed by Flintco and Manhattan Construction, who call the BOK Center one of the best architectural designs in their 100-year history of building projects.

The images below showcase the ZEPPS™ Process, the panels which are then skinned over with the outer stainless steel surface. Each panel interlocks with the next,and provides an extremely smooth surface. The outer skin is then secured. The photo below shows two interlocking ZEPPS™ Panels, and the CAD image below shows three ZEPPS™ Panels and the structural metal which supports them.

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