Lumenhaus Solar Pre-fab from Virginia Tech

The latest collaborative design project from Virginia Tech, the Lumenhaus is an ecologically-conscious portable housing project. Based on the design principles of the Bauhaus, the project imbues 21st century technologies to create a dynamic living situation. The entire mechanics of the house are controllable via mobile phone, so the hand-held phone becomes a remote control for the many features of the house. This Eclipsis System includes a automatic sliding screen-wall engineered and produced by Zahner.

Where most energy-conscious houses are closed with strategic openings to resist heat transfer, Lumenhaus has open, flowing spaces linking occupants to each other within the house and to nature outside. Key to creating these open spaces is the ZIRA™ wall produced by Zahner. The ZIRA™ technology allowed the students at Virginia Tech to translate their design into a three-dimensional pattern on the surface of the sliding stainless steel screens. Their design served as both aesthetic and function, a compelling surface that filters the harsh rays of the setting sun while letting in ambient light throughout the day.

Lumenhaus illuminated at night photo from Robert Zahner

Lumenhaus utilizing natural cross ventilation

Detail of the exterior metal skin

Lumenhaus illuminated at night

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