Dr. A.H. McCoy Federal Building Modernization

This upgrade to the McCoy Federal Building includes infrastructure additions to the main building and an ancillary building which serves as a security entrance to the main structure. Designed by Schwartz/Silver architects, Zahner provided the glass facade design along with its structural support system.

In 2010, the General Services Administration (GSA) commissioned Schwartz/Silver to upgrade the McCoy Federal Building Courthouse and GSA Facilities in Jackson, Mississippi. Zahner was brought on to construct the building envelope for the structure, under design assist contract. Zahner provided engineering, fabrication, and installation of the curving glass facade in addition to the various architectural metal surfaces. 

Glass and steel extrusions, each 10 to 25 feet long, thread into ZEPPS Sections to hold 1,078 lites of glass for the design by Schwartz/Silver for the Jackson, Mississippi Federal Courthouse and GSA Building. Locked into place by over 2,000 quills of varying heights, almost every single lite of glass is unique; the lites vary in width and height as specified by Zahner engineering and programming specialists.

Mccoy federal courthouse jackson ms
McCoy Federal Building in Jackson, Mississippi.

New building codes designed to protect sensitive buildings and airports require security check-ins to be performed in a separate building. The addition to the McCoy Federal Building will also improve various functionalities and accessibility, as well as marketability for the value of the property and those around it. It also is suggested that the building will help continue to improve the community interest in the downtown neighborhoods by freshening the street-level image of the Federal courthouse and the downtown area.

The project was completed in 2013, and is LEED Registered and slated to receive LEED Silver certification from the United States Green Building Council. 

Mccoy federal gsa building jackson
Panoramic view of the GSA Building in Jackson, Mississippi.
Glass mccoy federal courthouse
Night view of the glass lites on edge at the McCoy Federal Building.
Mccoy federal courthouse 9397
McCoy GSA Federal Building at dusk in Jackson, Mississippi.
Mccoy federal courthouse downtown jackson ms
South view of the McCoy Federal Courthouse GSA in Jackson, Mississippi.
Mccoy zepps construction
ZEPPS understructure visible as Zahner field operators prepare to install the lites of glass.
Mccoy construction
Zahner Field Operators install clips on the ZEPPS structure.
Mccoy mockup detail
Detail of the McCoy Federal Building at the Zahner Headquarters.
Mccoy mockup federal building
Mockup for Schwartz/Silver architects at the Zahner Headquarters.
Mccoy federal cad ides of march
Zahner CAD rendering of the McCoy Federal Building.